Because I did say I’d make some KP Gifs for winterparadox. It was obvious I’d go for Kigo ;D

Not a fuck was given. I will go down with this god damn ship.

Oh, I’m quite confident.

Do you and Drakken still go to the karaoke bar? If yes did you ever sing yourself?

No, we dont. Well, more specifically I don’t.

What he does in his spare time is not a subject I want to have any part of.

Plus, his singing was so screechy the last time we went, I’m pretty sure he ruptured the eardrums of everyone withing a three mile radius of the bar.


How do you feel about baby elephants?


Do you love Dr. Drakken? :o

Great joke!


Kim told me she looovvvveeeeessssss you. Reactions?

Kim actually admitted that?

To you?

Some random anon?

Ha! Good joke. She’s as far from coming to terms with that as one can be. Now, if the meant it, then we’re making some progress, here.

But, knowing Kim as I know her, and that’s very well -thank you very much-, she wouldn’t have said that.

Nice try though.


How do you give someone a painful wedgie

Stop it. Stop this right now.

I am not the person to be messing with. You want flaming hands beating the living daylight out of you? Thought not.


noogie+what equals ultimate pain

Again with the wedgie fetish guy…

Listen bucko, it’s getting old. Quit it.
You’ve got some sort of obsession on givin’ people wedgies, I get it. Everyone gets it. So stop.

Unless you want me to use Drakken’s latest thing to find your address and beat you to a pulp of molten mush.

Capiche? Good.


Apparently Drakken still can't control his 'flower' problem.. what do you think of it?

What do I think of it?

Oh, it’s great.

Every time I sneak up on him, he gives his usual girlish scream and sprouts flowers to top it all off. And don’t even get me started on hanging him from coat hooks that make the ground slightly out of his reach. Or rafters. Or trees…

But yeah. It’s made lab life a whole lot more interesting, and scaring Drakken just that much more enjoyable.


Let's say I happen to accidentally get injured by your plasma fire; would I take care of it like a regular burn or what? How does it work? And have you ever injured yourself using it?

I have not injured myself with it, at least, not since the first time it happened.
And, I dunno how you’d treat it. It’s not like I’ve followed anyone I’ve injured to the hospital. Try to avoid hospitals when you have superpowers, it makes you terribly noticeable. Perhaps like a severe burn? They’re rather strong. They can cut through steel, doy!

But, yeah. If you’d like to test the theory I’d be happy to oblige. Plus Doctor D would probably be happy that he wasn’t the target.


Can you exhale hot green gas like you do with your hands? Can you fart out hot green gas too? :o

Can’t say I’ve ever tried…

I’ll get back to you on that!


what do you think about that 'alien girl' ? I mean Wormanga .

Ugh. She’s like NINE FEET TALL.

And accusing me of having a relationship with Dr. D?

She’s SO lucky she was out of reach. Would have loved to hit her in the face.

There’s nothing going on there. Doy.


how was the christmas when you were a little girl?

Christmas was… It was actually pretty nice, not gonna lie…

On Christmas eve, we’d have some of my family over. You know, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents… You get the idea. Spent time with them and mom and dad would make all this awesome food. Lobster, salmon, crab, pasta, you name it, they made it if we wanted it.

We were allowed to open any gifts that were brought from our family, we’d have a wrapping paper fight, and then we’d go upstairs to our rooms to wait for Santa. The Wegos often came in my room because they were too excited to sleep, so I’d let them stay with me. Hell, I was excited too.

The next morning were presents. We knew who’s were who’s because they were always wrapped in our favorite colors. (mine were always green)

Then it was Christmas movies, more good food, and relaxing with my family.

It was always nice. *reminices*


Why don't you answer all the questions that come in your ask?

I try to answer easy ones first, and something that requires a more in depth response might be saved for later when I have more free time.

Recently, Drakken likes to tell me we’re stealing stuff about fifteen minutes before we have to leave.

That should end pretty soon. *ignites hand suggestively*